"He who dares wins…"

Wexford Systems, LLC.

Why call Wexford?

We use these tools to predict problems before they arise in the public and private sector:

Gerard JC La Tournerie, PRES/CEO 

  • Big Date Statistical Analysis – ECRM, Data Mining, Customer Information File, Regression Analysis, Zip Code Analysis, Household Collapse
  • Logistics
  • Just in Time – Green Supply Chain
  • LIFO, FIFO, Cost Accounting, Asset Management

International and Domestic

Wexford's professional staff are constantly conducting in depth Discovery, analysis, researching into the most time critical documentation, of the most pressing, timely issues which are professionally vetted, cross-referenced.

These position papers, gaming scenarios are then documented and presented in a series of White Position Papers Analysis, Seminars, Briefings of wide ranging management scenarios, gaming theories that we and our clients can then review, analyze, test and apply to strategically help counter and minimize pending geo-political, economic, financial threats to our client, clients financial, geo-political and physical corporate entities insuring their Total Security, Resilience, integrity and economic, financial survivability in the midst of trans formative hostile environments.

  • BPR – Business Process Reengineering
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Change Management
  • Corporate Transformation
  • ​​​Case Study: Industry Stove Pipes
  • Case Study: Financial Services

Wexford's Professional Risk Management Staff of seasoned multi-national, professionals with in-depth experience in: Brokers, Bankers, Re-Insurance Brokers, Big Data Statistical Analysts, IT/Telephony, JIT-Green Supply Chain Logistics, Former Military Officers, Former State Dept Officers Professionals, and SME's-Subject Matter Experts provides our corporate clients, and affiliates with the latest, most timely, relevant, up-to-date, in depth country by country, regional, geo-political, economic, import-export, taxes, tariffs, climatic changes, demographics, statistical trends analysis, threat level assessment, Risk Assessment research papers, presentations, seminars.

About Wexford Systems LLC

"...Making Order out of Chaos..."

Mr La Tournerie researches, teaches and applies his extensive skills in Executive Management:

  • ATT Bellcore,
  • Telecom Eireann
  • HK TElecom
  • ISH Bankie, Istanbul
  • US Fed Gov't